Romantic italian movies

Film sentimentali these are romantic italian movies made and produced in italy.Lets say italy is one of the best countries in the world whivh produces very romantic movies.These movies captivate and fascinate the ones watching especially those entangled inlove affairs .i'm pleased to reveal and revew some two movies whivh might tickle your fancy if u are a fun of romantic movies.

1.THE AGES OF LOVE (2011)This movie is about a youn g and ambitious lawyer who is engaged to girl named sara .He then meets Micol,a gorgeous and provocative young woman from Tuscany.Hence his life becomes complicat


The Best of Sentimental Movies

Sentimental motion pictures according to They can make you snicker so hard you feel debilitated. On the other hand sob like your heart speaks the truth to break. Then again take you back to the anguish and happiness of first love. Is there another sort of film that can toy with our feelings like sentiments? 

Get some popcorn and settle in: it's the ideal opportunity for a sentimental motion picture marathon! We've gathered together a various determination of the best peculiar romantic comedies, tragedy authentic sentiments, hot sensual movies, and exemplary